You don't need to push your product. You should create things that are fun to talk about, to write about, and to share.

Welcome to your first step on your  journey through Wonderland with Madhatter Coalition. It is a vast land full of fun and new things, and we are here to guide you. Before we dive all the way down the rabbit hole we need to prepare you - so please scroll down and watch the short video in Part One and complete the questionnaire in Part Two.


Madhatter Coalition prescribes heavily to "design-thinking" methodology which focuses on stepping back, and reframing your hypothesis. This allows us to get a clear picture of EXACTLY what you are solving and building a game plan around validating this hypothesis over and over again. For more on "design-thinking" watch this video below from our friends over at FHIL.


Click the "Welcome To Wonderland" button below and begin to inform the structure of our narrative. Please take some time to answer the questions, and if get hung up on anything, we will solve for that when we are together. The point of the type form is to not answer the "right way" but to start thinking in a different way. 

*Note: the Typeform does not save so please make sure to click "Submit" at the end. Feel free to submit as many times as you need.